Devine Cuisine

Premier Event Catering in Kent and Susses

Your Occasion


Phone, email or better still spend a couple of minutes completing our Quote page and we will send you a detailed, itemised proposal which can be changed, amended and adjusted as many times as you like. If you are working to a particular budget we will do all we can to tailor make package for you.  We will set out everything that is and is not included in the price so you know exactly where you stand at all times. Most clients consider the food to be of utmost importance when planning their event so we err to quality when selecting our suppliers and ingredients.   We offer a free menu tasting before you confirm your booking

Planning Your Function


1. Check Availability

Firstly you need to phone or email as soon as possible to check our availability. The popular summer dates are booked up early.


2.  Determine the style of catering you want

We realize it can take time to decide exactly what you would like. Please email or phone as often as you like for advice, suggestions or to bounce ideas off us. We have catered for hundreds if not thousands of customers so we can help you decide what is best for your occasion.


Generally the options are:

Do you want canapés on arrival?  Do you want a starter?

Do you want a hot main course or cold buffet? Do you want table service or a buffet?

Do you want an additional evening buffet? You may find the form helpful to determine your requirements so please fill it in and pass it on to us.


3.  Ask for a quotation

Once you have some idea of what you want we will send you an itemized quotation. This can be adjusted and amended as you finalize your requirements. However you can make a fairly accurate estimate by looking at the costing examples page.


4. Arrange a menu tasting or site visit

If you would like to meet with us to discuss the arrangements, we would be very pleased to visit you at the venue without obligation. You are also welcome to a free tasting of your potential menu choices.



5 Determine whether venue facilities are available

For marquee functions we request a minimum 20ft x 20ft bay for the kitchen area plus eight trestles tables, a 13amp electricity supply and access to mains water near by. 


When a marquee hot menu is required there is a £200+ hire charge for mobile cooking equipment. This may be less in venues with existing kitchen facilities. Our chiller van provides on-site refrigeration for the food, therefore we need to park it adjacent to the kitchen area.


6. Make a Provisional Booking

We receive an average of two enquiries per day so we advise clients to provisionally book their date.  This enables us to offer you first refusal as and when another enquiry comes in for the same day.  At this stage we do not need to know exact menu choices or numbers.


7. Confirm the booking.

To confirm a booking we request a £250 deposit and the balance will be invoiced when final numbers are confirmed 1 week prior to the day.


8. Firm up the arrangements

A week before the event we ask for confirmation of menu and numbers. We invoice based on this information and payment is due on or before the day.