Devine Cuisine

Premier Event Catering in Kent and Susses


Most clients supply their own drink and we do not charge corkage. However we can provide a drinks package on request if you give an indication of your requirements.

Cash Bars
We can provide a cash bar service together with licence, staff, glasses and bar stock. Some clients prefer to offer a free bar in which case we can provide staff to man it.

We suggest a minimum of  1 arrival drink, 2 glasses of wine with a meal and 1 drink for the toast.

Wine          1 case of 6 x 75cl bottles @ 5 glasses to the bottle      =  30 150ml glasses
Toasts        1 case of 6 x 75cl bottles @ 6 glasses to the bottle       =  36 125ml glasses
Pimms       1 large litre bottle plus a 2 litre bottle of lemonade      =  15 200ml glasses

We can hire glasses @  ¬£7.20 for a case of 24

Most marquee companies will provide wine fridges or we can bring ice and trays cool the bottles